userlane HEART
HEART is the world’s first standardized model to measure Digital Adoption across enterprise software applications. It allows users to measure the success of digital transformation initiatives across their organization by tracking application usage, software adoption, common support requests and digital employee experience.

🤩 The HEART project was nominated to the UX Design Awards 2023.
🚀 The product was successfully launched for all Userlane customers.
At Userlane, a digital adoption platform, we identified a need to help our clients measure and understand the success of their digital adoption strategies. The HEART Analytics is a key product for Userlane that helps organizations measure and improve the success of their digital adoption strategies. The tool consists of multiple parts, including a multi-app dashboard and an overview page that allows CIOs and managers to gain valuable insights into user Happiness, Engagement, Adoption, Retention, and Task Success.
The multi-app dashboard, also known as the CIO dashboard, provides an overview of all applications used by an enterprise customer. This dashboard is designed to cater to the needs of the main user persona, the CIO. It presents valuable insights about each application, with an overall HEART score, as well as individual scores for each metric. The dashboard enables CIOs and managers to identify areas where employees need support and which applications require more attention to provide the expected ROI.
The HEART overview dashboard provides managers with a clear and comprehensive understanding of how an application is performing in each of these key areas, enabling them to take data-driven decisions to improve digital adoption and drive business success.
The HEART score is made up of five metrics:

Measures employee sentiment across applications to identify and resolve points of frustration.

Analyzes usage in real-time to discover how to unlock the full potential of applications and improve user engagement.

Sets and measures adoption targets to maximize the impact of software spend and increase user adoption.

Tracks user retention rates to boost productivity and help users form meaningful habits.

Task Success
Tracks task completion to uncover and mitigate critical process risks.
I have worked on the HEART project as an end-to-end contributor.
I have been involved in all phases of the process:
• Research
• Ideation
• Concept
• Design
• Prototype
• Illustrations
• Marketing material for the product launch
The project could only take shape with a great team collaboration, including:

• Marija Hajnal - Product Manager
• Salvador Salazar - Data Expert & Tech Lead
• Pia Klancar - Design Manager
• Frontend and Backend Engineers
• Quality Assurance
• Marketing Team
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