Pesquisa de Campo
8 mm short film, 2'38", 2018

This field research is the first part of an artistic experiment
about self-service laundries and the act to wash as a purifying ritual.

The atmosphere in self-service laundries,
it’s cold environment, the noise of the machines,
the distance between unknown people sharing this space.

The paradox of bringing private and intimate stuff to clean in a public space,
visible to everyone who is there and even observed and recorded by cameras.

The act of washing clothes seen as a purification ritual,
a way to purify the pieces of fabrics that touches the human impure body,
a metaphor of the usage of water, sacred substance in many cultures.

The parallels between laundrettes and the river,
public spots where people go to do their laundry.

The hypnotising movement and sound of washing machines, dryers,
and also water in the river.